Mastermind Skill is now available for Google Assistant

We are excited to announce that Mastermind, the # 1 voice productivity skill on Amazon Alexa, is now available on the Google Assistant platform. Mastermind gives you universal access to your personal data, services and applications on voice enabled devices.

The Mastermind Skill is available for Google Assistant. Say, “Hey Google, Talk to Mastermind” and then link your account.

Making Mastermind available across all open voice enabled platforms such as Alexa and Google Assistant has always been our goal from the time we envisioned Mastermind and with the recent release of Mastermind on Google Assistant, we have realized that vision.

As a user of Mastermind, you will have a consistent and streamlined way to access your data and services via voice no matter which voice platform you are using (Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant) and no matter where you are (home, car, mobile phone or connected headset).  Mastermind is your intelligent personal assistant – understanding what and who is important to you, helping you stay focused and productive and keeping you connected to your friends, family and world.

Get Mastermind for Google Assistant from the link below:

We at Convessa would love for you to try out the Mastermind Skill on Google Assistant.

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