The more tools you link to your new AI assistant, the harder it can work for you. The smarter it gets and the more workflows it can automate for you, the less admin tasks you have to do. 


Automate workflows for development tasks you do multiple times a day
As a developer, you need to keep track of information spread across many different tools

  • your tasks and bugs in Jira
  • your code spread across several branches in GitHub
  • your next team meeting in your Calendar
  • the code review requests you still have to merge in on Git
  • the status update email you need to send your manager

Instead of having to jump through multiple different tools and waste valuable time, you can simply create automated workflows on Mastermind that allow you to take multiple actions, spanning different tools such as Jira, GitHub, GSuite or Microsoft in one workflow. 

Your company data is secure and compliant when you link services to Mastermind
Your new AI assistant needs access to your accounts in order to save you time and effort so you can focus on coding instead of boring devops tasks. Mastermind understands the responsibility it has when accessing your and your company’s data and takes the responsibility very seriously. Mastermind is GDPR compliant and has end-to-end encryption of data both going across the wire and at rest. 

Read the Mastermind privacy policy or contact our Privacy Officer at if you have any questions related to data. Data security, encryption and privacy is a top concern of the entire Mastermind team!