We grew up watching sci-fi movies and reading futuristic novels. We were immersed in a future-world where humans can talk to computers, screens are embedded everywhere and digital experiences seamlessly blend into your environment. 

At the core, is an artificial intelligence that learns and knows how to serve humans.

A new artificial intelligence that ushers in this promised future is now in your hands
You have an artificial intelligence that you can talk to using natural language and that serves you seamless digital experiences across your work laptop, your mobile phone, your smart speakers at home and even while driving. 

Mastermind is an AI designed to serve you as a developer
You have a personal AI that helps you with the daily tasks you perform as a developer – from preparing you for stand up meetings to helping you keep track of code commits and pull requests. 

You waste hours every day retrieving and updating information across the many devops tools your team uses to deliver software projects. Mastermind’s AI cuts through the noise and distraction, allowing you to tell it what you want to do in natural language directives and it does it on your behalf. 

Pervasive computing to help you get things done everywhere and anywhere
An AI that is omni-present with you where ever you work – across the web, your workstation, your smart phone, your car, your smart speakers and even your brand-new smart glasses. 

Learn more about your new workplace AI assistant
There’s a lot to learn about Mastermind, what it does, how it works and how it can save you hours each day at work. Setup your accountdownload the appsbookmark the urldig around and get your new AI assistant working for you.